Apr 23, 2019

Features of the formation of non-vertical profiles on the surface of 4H-SiC by the reactive-ion etching

The features of the formation of non-vertical profiles on 4H-SiC by reactive-ion etching (RIE) using various masking coatings are studied. The formation of 4H-SiC mesa structures was carried out using automated airlock reactive-ion etching and plasma etching system "Caroline PE 15" with the ICP-source of plasma in a gas mixture of SF6, O2 and Ar. Using photoresist AZ4533 as a mask, mesa structures with a wall inclination angle of more than 130° were obtained at the etching rate of 4H-SiC was ~0.5 μm/min. The developed technology of dry etching can be further used in the preparation of avalanche photodiodes or power electronics devices.

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