Apr 22, 2014

Fabrication and characterization of n-ZnO on p-SiC heterojunction diodes on 4H-SiC substrates

We report on the growth and characterization of n-ZnO/p-4H-SiC heterojunction diodes. Our n-ZnO layers were grown with radical-source molecular beam epitaxy (RS-MBE) on p-4H-SiC epilayers, which was previously prepared in a horizontal hot-wall reactor by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) on the n-type 4H-SiC wafers. Details on the n-ZnO growth on 8-off 4H-SiC wafers, the quality of the layers and the nature of realized p–n structures are discussed. Mesa diode structures were fabricated. Al was sputtered through a circle mask with diameter 1 mm and annealed to form Ohmic contacts to p-SiC. Ohmic contacts to the n-ZnO were formed by 30 nm/300 nm Ti/Au sputtered by electron beam evaporation. Electrical properties of the structures obtained have been studied with Hall measurements, and current–voltage measurements (I–V).I–V measurements of the device showed good rectifying behavior, from which a turn-on voltage of about 2 V was obtained.

Source: Superlattices and Microstructures

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