Dec 15, 2013

Crystal growth of micropipe free 4H–SiC on 4H–SiC{033(_)8} seed and high-purity semi-insulating 6H–SiC

Micropipe free c-plane 4H–SiC wafers were achieved by sublimation growth on the 4H–SiC{033(_)8} seed. 4H–SiC {033(_)8} seeds were obtained by inclining the c-plane to 011(_)0 at 54.7°. A transmission X-ray topograph of the micropipe free c-plane wafer revealed that there were no macroscopic defects with lattice displacements. Crystal growth of undoped (vanadium-free) semi-insulating 6H–SiC was carried out by our sublimation system. In order to achieve high resistivity, high-purity SiC source and controlled instruments were used for the reduction of nitrogen, boron and metal impurity backgrounds. Hence high-purity and high-resistivity 6H–SiC 2 and 3 in in diameter were developed for high-frequency power transistors.

Source: Journal of Crystal Growth
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