Jan 11, 2018

Recent advances in 4H-SiC epitaxy for high-voltage power devices


This paper reports recent advances in high-quality 4H-SiC epitaxial growth. The modern 4H-SiC epitaxial reactors, techniques to improve growth rates and large-diameter uniformity and reduce defect densities are discussed. A single-wafer vertical-type epitaxial reactor is newly developed and employed to grow 150 mm-diameter 4H-SiC epilayers. Using the reactor, high-speed wafer rotation is confirmed effective, both for enhancing growth rates and improving thickness and doping uniformities. Current levels of reducing particle-induced defects, in-grown stacking faults and basal plane dislocations and controlling carrier lifetimes are also reviewed.


Power device;
Epitaxial growth;
Stacking fault;
Carrier lifetime


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