Jul 25, 2016

Verification of Fowler-Nordheim electron tunneling mechanism in ni/SiO2/n-4H SiC and n+ poly si/SiO2/n-4H SiC MOS devices by different models


This article emphasizes verification of Fowler-Nordheim electron tunneling mechanism in the Ni/SiO2/n-4H SiC MOS devices by developing three different kinds of models. The standard semiconductor equations are categorically solved to obtain the change in Fermi energy level of semiconductor with effect of temperature and field that extend support to determine sustainable and accurate tunneling current through the oxide layer. The forward and reverse bias currents with variation of electric field are simulated with help of different models developed by us for MOS devices by applying adequate conditions. The latter is quite different from former in terms of tunneling mechanism in the MOS devices. The variation of barrier height with effect of quantum mechanical, temperature, and fields is considered as effective barrier height for the generation of current-field (J-F) curves under forward and reverse biases but quantum mechanical effect is void in the latter. In addition, the J-F curves are also simulated with variation of carrier concentration in the n-type 4H SiC semiconductor of MOS devices and the relation between them is established.


  • Fowler-Nordheim tunneling
  • SiO2
  • 4
  • SiC
  • Current-Field
  • Metaloxide semiconductor;
  • Potential barrier
    • source:sciencedirect
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