Jul 5, 2016

A novel 4H-SiC MESFET with double upper gate and recessed p-buffer


A novel 4H-SiC structure named DURP MESFET is proposed.
A double upper gate and a recessed p-buffer are employed in the DURP MESFET.
DC and RF characteristics are simulated.
Compared with DR MESFET, DURP MESFET obtains higher drain current and breakdown voltage.
An evident decrease in gate-source capacitance of DURP MESFET is achieved.


A novel structure named 4H-SiC metal semiconductor field effect transistor with double upper gate and recessed p-buffer (DURP MESFET) is proposed and simulated in this paper. The increase in the saturation drain current and the breakdown voltage, and the decrease in the gate-source capacitance are achieved compared with those of DR MESFET, which is result from the reduction of the depletion region under the gate by the introduction of a double upper gate. The negative influence of the double upper gate on trans-conductance is suppressed by employing a recessed p-buffer. With the optimal size, the height of the upper gate Z = 0.10 μm, the depth and width of the recessed p-buffer of 0.05 μm and 0.35 μm, superior DC and RF characteristics for the proposed structure can be obtained, such as a 22.5% increase in the saturation drain current and a 17.9% increase in the breakdown voltage compared to the DR MESFET. The gate-source capacitance is 0.439 pF/mm compared to 0.573 pF/mm of DR MESFET by reference to simulated results, which would lead to the DURP MESFET has excellent RF performance.


  • 4H
  • Double upper gate
  • Recessed p-buffer
  • Drain current
  • Gate-source capacitance
      • source:sciencedirect
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