Dec 4, 2019

Photoelectric properties of p-β-FeSi2/n-4H-SiC heterojunction near-infrared photodiode

We give the first report on the experimental investigation of a p-β-FeSi2/n-4H-SiC heterojunction. A p-β-FeSi2/n-4H-SiC heterojunction near-infrared photodiode was fabricated on 4H-SiC substrate by magnetron sputtering and rapid thermal annealing (RTA). Sharp film—substrate interfaces were confirmed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The current density—voltage and photoresponse characteristics were measured. The measurements showed that the device exhibited good rectifying properties. The photocurrent density was about 1.82 mA/cm2 at a bias voltage of −1 V under illumination by a 5 mW, 1.31 μm laser, and the dark current density was approximately 0.537 mA/cm2. The detectivity was estimated to be 8.8 × 109 cmHz1/2/W at 1.31 μm. All of the measurements were made at room temperature. The results suggest that the p-β-FeSi2/n-4H-SiC heterojunctions can be used as near-infrared photodiodes that are applicable to optically-activated SiC-based devices.

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