Sep 2, 2014

Effects of surface/interface states on Schottky contacts for 4H-SiC

Electrical characteristics of sputter deposited Ni, Cr, Au, Pt, and Ti contacts on SiC-4H were studied. The 4H-SiC substrates used were test grade, single crystalline, and n-type. These contacts were found to be rectifying. Saturation current densities, ideality factors and Schottky barrier heights were determined from these measurements. Argon plasma sputtering degraded the contact by increasing the reverse current and lowering the turn-on voltage. The calculated Schottky barrier heights were ranged from /spl sim/ 0.8 eV to /spl sim/ 13 eV and reverse current was found to be as low as 136.5 nA/cm/sup 2/ at -5 V. For RCA cleaned samples, the barrier heights are weakly dependent on metal work function and were largely determined by metal induced gap states (MIGS) and electronegativity difference between metal and semiconductor. However, in RCA + Ar plasma sputter cleaned samples, the barrier heights were independent of the metal work function determined entirely by MIGS and surface/interface states.

Index Terms:
Ar, Schottky contacts, surface/interface states, sputter deposition, single crystalline, saturation current densities, ideality factors, argon plasma sputtering, reverse current, calculated Schottky barrier heights, metal work function, metal induced gap states, SiC:H, Ni, Cr, Au, Pt, Ti

Md.M. Islam, K. Das, "Effects of surface/interface states on Schottky contacts for 4H-SiC," ssst, pp.378-382, Proceedings of the Thirty-Seventh Southeastern Symposium on System Theory.


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